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    I have a second mortgage with HSBC and I can’t get a live person in there loss mitigation department to talk to me. I went so far as to send a fed-ex package that was a duplicate of what I sent Central Mortgage Company. Neither company is willing to talk to me. I am a sitting duck right now waiting for the shoe to drop. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    and others who are questioning Suri’s attire, this is not a current photo. It was most likely taken earlier in the year. People doesn’t usually post new photos when they are posting articles and interviews. If it was a new candid, it would be larger.It just seems like people are so eager to find any reason to criticize this family.

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  7. Oh. My. Gosh. All those lonely vases sitting in thrift stores because nobody wants an ugly duckling. I'm going to bet vases start walking off the shelves for this treatment. I better get to the thrift store fast!

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  9. Actually, Mr. Fantastic makes his living by licensing his inventions, so it’s far more likely that nobody’s building them because of the products liability issue (Mr. Fantastic has an experienced test pilot to drive HIS flying car.) Can you imagine how much safety equipment is needed to make a flying car safe for ordinary people to operate, without getting the manufacturer sued because they’re crashing into trees, houses, buildings and each other?

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    Not convinced on Aperture yet – I’m tempted but I still find Picassa works for me (I don’t tend to shoot in raw all that much).Parallels however is quite impressive and lets me run picassa in a windows window on my Mac. Excellent Mich is soon going to be needing a new laptop. It will have to run windows for the stuff she runs at work but I admit to being tempted by Mac with Bootcamp…

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    haha Second best comes from a lot of factors probably irrelevant to us students like the MBA program, so take rankings with a pinch of salt. Though i must say SMU students really do learn marketing very well.

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    After this upgrade, it appears that comments set with no approval needed are having to be approved. I added a video last night and it also set my language category to chinese. other than that upgrades look good. thanks alot!

  13. 22-01-2012 Having everything one place is so much easier. I’m getting used to Triberr. If you want to join I could start a tribe. I’m in the Wana711 and there will be on for the Life List Club, but I can start another one, too. Let me know when you’re ready.

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    Waar is de link naar jouw bloemenweide?Bedankt voor jouw link naar de mijne. Ik wou dat iedereen het kon zien want elke dag zie ik weer een andere compositie. En zoals Houbie zegt, je moet ze van heel dichtbij bekijken.Altijd welkom hoor!

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    Just received my shipping notice from Above Category for 2 Bar Fly Garmin Computer Mounts. A nice surprise as I was expecting a mid to late April delivery. I have had the FSA mounts for several years but they tend to vibrate/shake even on slightly rough roads with my Garmin 800. I am hoping the Bar Fly is more solid with the integrated 1/4 turn mount.

  17. Ãœtlen ausalt – minul tuli eluisu tagasi, kui laps hakkas «normaalsel» ajal magama minema. Ehk siis endise 01-02 asemel algul kell 21 ja nüüd juba 19… Asjad paranesid juba siis kui 21 magama sain ta, aga praegu on mul küll superlaps. Ei nuta ega «jonni» enam absoluutselt.. Kõik uneajad on kindlalt paigas. 19-07 uni meie puhul töötab ja ma olen väga õnnelik, et sain lapse ja raamatu koostööd tegema. Kusjuures kui hakkasin varem magama panema, siis sain ka päevauned korda.

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    The softness of your leaf paintings is fabulous and your background removal is amazing! Hope you are past the hardest part of the learning curve barbecue selfishly, I want to see more of these!

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    A real problem is that most non critical thinkers think of themselves as critical thinkers, or at least see no reason to think that the thinking of others is any better than their own. This is also seen in other developmental stages, be they cognitive, moral, etc.–

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    I most certainly AM going to make Bath Cakes! And Sally Lunn Buns, and Cheesecakes, and Ratafia Biscuits, and Seed Cake, and Ginger Tablet, and Quaking Pudding, and whatever else catches my fancy.

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    Waiting… trusting… hoping… what an awesome and simple recipe for faith; nevertheless, I find myself constantly challenged by the pride of my flesh that somehow I know better, that if it would just go this way… Jennifer’s way… Putting my trust and hope in the Lord and in His perfect timing is something that requires me to truly deny myself, something I need to strive for daily… hourly… secondly. Thank you for being obedient to His calling, to share your journey so transparently. I love you!

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    annamaria11/01/2010DONNE E SEMPLICITA’ A proposito di semplicità e linguaggio, segnalo -bella coincidenza- il post che oggi Giovanna Cosenza pubblica su burocratese e politichese. L’appello “a proposito, c’è un candidato traduttore?” rimanda -ma mi rendo conto che si tratta di un rimando troppo implicito- a una home page di qualche tempo fa, a proposito della possibilità di sottotitolare in italiano le conferenze di Ted. Grazie per la voglia cortese di essere d’aiuto alla “non traduttrice letterale”. Che, dicendosi “traduttrice”, è sicuramente donna. Grazie anche ad anonimo2, che, in entrambe le lingue, ci ha detto molto di sé.

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    It is godly to be humble about oneself. It is our command to share our god given talents to brighten and lighten the load for others. Thank you for sharing yourself in this way. Jen

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    Shantarram is an awesome book. My sister used to live with his (ex)step daughter (her sister is his daughter)- who was a brilliant ozzy lass, who told me plenty of stories about what her mum and him got up too.Lovely finding out about you xxx

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    Hi this is kind of of off topic but I was wanting to know if blogs use WYSIWYG editors or if you have to manually code with HTML. I’m starting a blog soon but have no coding expertise so I wanted to get guidance from someone with experience. Any help would be enormously appreciated!

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    avez surement un humour de tubercule pour ne pas être sensible à celui de Mr Vidberg… Enfin tous les gouts sont dans la Nature, alors ne dénigrez pas celui des autres.Il faut toujours être mesuré lorsque l’on critique ouvertement le travail d’un artiste.

  29. The FDA has not officially approved GMO's as of yet. It is interesting that a Kashi ad accompanies this writing. Kellogs is the parent company of Kashi. According to a post by Kashi, only 50% of their products with be GMO free by 2015. Their Go Lean is 100% GMO'd products..And why won't they be 100% GMO free–because they can't (or won't) be able to find enough GMO freed grains, etc to produce their cereals. Interesting……

  30. Can’t wait I love all of them but my favorite is the Deco Daisy!! I have lots of Vera Bradley and just got as a gift from my daughter the Day and Night large duffle bag and I love it, I use it on all my trips with my husband the longhaul truck driver (Sherman). Thank you…..

  31. Born To Do It, was a masterpiece but seriously since then can you rate any of his other works?If you ask me CD has reached the end of the road when it comes to the music industry, he has served it well with his albums like BTDI and the work with the Stragglers. As British singers go he has been a good one, if you ask me Taio Cruz is a lot more versatile and a great asset to the British Music Industry.

  32. no. I do feel sad (and a bit shocked) that you think it’s possible. But it’s not a deal breaker for me – I’ll still associate with you. When you meet the Lord, he’ll set you straight. ha ha

  33. I can be as Machiavellian as the next guy! I swear!Now, since you've been denounced as a Machiavellian plotter and you've admitted it yourself, my idea is that you should nickname yourself Cesare Borgia; accordingly, Dymphna might be Lucrezia Borgia. Your blog should be described like this: "The Gates of Rome. We're in a new phase of a very old story of conspiracy, murder, poisoning, orgies and incest. Stay tuned!".

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    lol No, sorry. I didn’t keep the cat recording. There was a constant ruffling sound like rubbing your thumb on a mic and it was boomy… He was purring most of the time too… It probably would have made a funny blooper recording for soundcloud though.

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    Euh, le Monopoly n’est pas un jeu de c***… Plutôt un jeu pour ceux qui ne savent pas qu’il existe mieux. Comme risk par exemple (je plaisante )

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  40. Hei!! Jeg så kommentaren din hos Vibeke. Jeg valgte å hekle sammen mine biter til teppet underveis!! Du får ingen ensfarget ramme, men du kan enkelt hekle teppet ditt sammen underveis!! Og det er supert å ha 70 ferdige blokker. Du kan se hvordan jeg heklet det sammen ved å gå inn på bloggen til Attic24. Det står på siden under sammenhekling av bestemorsruter. Forresten lager du mye fint!! God helg, hilsen AnneKari:-)

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  42. The problem with Heinberg’s “solution” is that it punishes responsible people (savers and investors) and rewards irresponsible and reckless (debtors and spenders). It’s tempting to think there are simple “solutions”, but the consequence of many years of irresponsible and foolish behavior, accumulated and compounded, is pain and loss (and I can only hope economic pain and loss).

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  48. town, and in fact weren’t even born when the unicorn events were said to have happened! Now, is there any reason whatsoever any rational person should be expected to believe in flying rampaging pink unicorns? Even if you have four handwritten letters describing the event?Should saying, “But I just FEEL that it’s all true,” be greeted with anything but dismissal at best and ridicule more likely?

  49. Mooser,Why am I here? I often ask myself the same question…What I’ve been trying to do is inject a measure of sanity and balance into the discussion here. I don’t represent any government or organization, just my own personal viewpoint.I’m sorry that my “level of intelligence” is not up to the lofty standards of your wit and wisdom. I’ll try to do better.

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  52. We all know that the key to winning this is to persuade the undecideds – and of course they don’t want seismic change! They want change but they want it to happen at a rate they feel comfortable with and – crucially – they want to feel in control.And that is, of course, exactly what independence would give them. A greater degree of control over their own lives and own futures.

  53. Field,It’s okay. You can take another sip of the Obama-aid. It’s okay to admit it was good. Hey, it will make you do great things. It (and most of you commenters here) convinced me to go with my conscience and re-register as a Democrat this afternoon.I’ve officially got his back now. Let me hear you say it, Field. (laughs)

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  56. IlisaHej AmalieDu er så smuk med denne farve. Det klæder dig virkelig godt. Det brune var også pænt, men dette look slår alt!!! du er gudeskøn at se på, mange beundrer denne farve.. så jeg syntes at du skal fortsætte med denne hårfarve lidt endnu:-)

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  59. It’s official. The LDS Church has run out of ideas for their temples and are now starting over with new Mashup Temples. This latest one is a mashup of the Salt Lake and Manti temples. And, as you rightly pointed out, looks a lot like the hideous FLDS temple. At least there is still the Tabernacle across the street which can use it’s 16 small spires as weapons to protect us from this Frankenstein monster…

  60. Can we go home now?Has Syria been tamed?Has Iran been vanquished?Is Libya a land of rainbows, unicorns, gumdrop smiles and incorruptible democracy?Have we yet agreed to take in millions more Muslim immigrants to do jobs that Americans won't do and preach doctrines Americans disdain?Is the world safe for Israel?I'm afraid the answer to your question, like all of my questions, is no.

  61. Kul att höra! Klart att vi ska prova den igen. Som du säger finns ett element av tulipanaros här. Men Grappe är verkligen inte den oberoende rösten vad gäller detta vin. Vi har hört dem som gett omdömet “orent vin”. Men, avsmakningstillfällen liksom olika flaskor är ju i viss mÃ¥n unika.mvh,FInare & VInare

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  65. Thanks so much! The drawers are acultaly sold at Ikea as well. At least they were when we purchased everything about 6 months ago or so. I’ll be doing a post sometime early next week about the process of turning the Expedit bookcase into a dresser, so check back soon for details. Hope this helps.Jessie

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  68. WOW! Modrobes really takes me back to the days when the Cookstown outlet mall had a store and I thought it was the coolest store!!MAJOR THROWBACK.And those wedges are lovely. I was looking all over for a pair like those at a thrift store..but just settled with a new pair… <.<

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  70. My most typical concern is locking up my helmet, jacket, pants and tank bag when out on the town or whatever. Carrying all that stuff is pretty inconvenient but a wire bicycle lock and padlock is so far good enough to keep the casual vandal from walking off with my gear. (Which probably cost almost as much to replace as the bike at this point) Every night out I tell myself my next bike will have hard bags.

  71. While I definitely disagree with video games being the cause for violence (almost all of these tragic shooting events are from someone who has some sort of prescription med that reeks havoc on the brain), there are more than just shooter games. You want a story driven game with characters you can connect with? Great- play a RPG. A lot of them are more story driven than most movies.

  72. Rachel – this post is so timely! I just discovered that website a couple of weeks ago and have been going through everything in my cabinets, too. On top of that, the little one had an allergic reaction to something last week (still trying to figure out what to) so now I am even more gung ho about getting rid of unnecessary toxins.

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  74. Para Arun: desde tan lejos nos acordamos de ti y estamos seguros de que lo estás pasando bien. Disfruta y ya nos contarás. Tus tíos, Shyam y lálima.Para los lobatos de Shyam: veo las fotos y me dais envidia. sSeguid pasándolo bien y en la próxima estaré con vosotros!!! Shyam

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    DR. CLARISSA PINKOLA ESTÉS, Managing Editor of TMV, and Columnist Jdledell, yes you are so right, and 6007! A beautiful number, and I wish you 6007+ more, one day at a time.

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    Addition: to be sure, Italy had quite a few types of city states but many of them were absolutely authoritarians. Also, some of the most successful countries today are in effect, though not in word, absolutely authoritarian.

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    Is it wrong that I have more fun writing the murder scenes than the sex scenes?… I mean, just a little bit… heh… Lisa, the cats can be the back-up dancers…

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